When you learn a new language, you open yourself to the world on a deeper 

level. That means stronger friendships, 

interesting experiences, a better world.

Copywriter: Anna Senn

Art Director: Grace Ren

     People learn language better through conversation. Duolingo Pen Pals gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new language.


By level 20, Duolingo users have enough words and phrases to start conversations and we want to give them opportunity to do that. With Duolingo pen pals, you’ll be able to chat with other users through an in-app messaging system. 


Duolingo will match pen pals based on the language you’re learning as well as the language you already know: if you’re a native English speaker and you’re learning French, all your pen pals will be native French speakers, learning English. 


You’ll be able to talk and connect in a fun, learning-based environment.

Step 1:

Congratulations! You’ve reached level 20 and have unlocked the Duolingo Pen Pals!

Step 2:

Here are your pen pals! These users are fluent in the language you’re learning but are also learning the language you’re fluent in.

Step 3:

Pick a pen pal and get to chatting! You’re both still learning, so have fun!

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