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organize the old, relive it as new. 

When we display our memories, we are more connected to ourselves. The Container Store has everything you need to organize your memories and relive them over and over again. 


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We’ll capture a special moment in time and as we zoom out, we'll see the moment lives on through an object displayed in a product from The Container Store. 
A teenage girl throws the game-winning pitch in a softball game. 
The game ball is in the Ballqube display cube.
The ball sits on the desk of the teenager girl, now an adult, in her office as head coach of a college softball team.
A young boy makes a bowl with his grandfather in a pottery shop.
The bowl is displayed in the Deluxe Acrylic Plate Stand.
The plate lives on the counter in the kitchen where the now-grown-up boy cooks with his son. 
A kid stays up reading his favorite novels in bed.
The novels sit between the Index Bookends. 
The books sit on a shelf in an office where the kid, now a famous novelist, writes his own series. 


We're encouraging people to go through their old things and when an object sparks a memory, share it. Real people will tell their stories on a weekly recorded podcast. 
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