writer, producer, content creator

I write pilots, sketches, screenplays, short stories, silly tweets. 

I produce pilots, sketches, corporate content, commercials, great playlists.

I create content for brands and individuals, websites for companies and everyday people, a good time. 

I started Lian Entertainment, Mason Cold Brew Coffee, ViPR Room 220, doing yoga 2 years ago. 

I collaborate on anything! I love collaborating!


grill talk (spec commercial series)
writer, producer
3 for the price of 1 (webseries)
writer, producer, actor
educated (pilot)
writer, producer

this stuff.

Second Rounder

Austin Film Festival, 2019


The Breakk, 2019


Chicago Independent Film Fest, 2020

Table Read My Screenplay, 2018


Featured on...


Houston Business Radio


Ready to mingle (pilot teaser)
writer, producer, director 
ASM-artini (spoof commercial)
writer, director
almost singlE (series)
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