Kraft singles have always been the go-to for a grilled cheese sandwich, but we saw these squares as the perfect snack for kids.  The individually wrapped slices reminded us of pages in a book, so we created The Cheesy Pals, a group of friends who appear on the sleeves of Kraft Singles.

product innovation.


meet the pals.

Descriptions and fun facts of each character will live on the Kraft website so kids can learn more about their favorite pal. In addition to a cute character, each single will have a question for the kid to answer or share with a friend.

cheesy questions.

grocery launch.

In-store displays serve as interactive clues to finding The Cheesy Pals in their various homes throughout the store.



influencer collab.

PR packages for celebrity parents and mommy/daddy influencers get them more acquainted with The Pals. 
Art Director: Emily Panico