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Game Changer

My new years resolution for 2013 was to make big life changes. Changes that could put me on a new path, changes that could alter how I view the world, changes that would let me grow on a spiritual and emotional level. And last week I took the first step to following through on my big and scary 2013 plans. I got bangs.

This is HUGE for someone who has had roughly the same hairstyle at varying lengths since introduced to the (then very up-and-coming and trendy) side-part in high school. I’ve seen the side-part gain rapid popularity and then fall to a surge in the middle-part style, all the while remaining loyal and true. My hairstyle has been my rock. It has stuck with me through thick and thin. Everything has been easy with my side-part and I’ve never had to challenge myself with it. A simple five-minute run through with a blow dryer and my hair is, not runway ready, but nanny ready which has been pretty alright with me.

I wish I could say getting bangs was an independent, awesome and empowering ‘life is too short to not have bangs!’ kind of decision, but the truth is I realized my hair was becoming a metaphor for my life. Easy, stable, comfortable, adorable and always clean, but predictable. So I quit my job. This could be the beginning of a great new style and so much more OR the early indications of an emotional breakdown… only time will tell.

Yup, you heard it here, folks. I am throwing in the nannying towel again; retiring at an early age, while people will still remember me as the awesome, able-bodied, young, hip nanny who always ran around with the kids and molded sarcasm into their clay-like brains at an impressionable age. And NOT as the elderly woman in velcro shoes and an oversized bonnet who carries hard candies in her purse – which I’m terrified will happen if I don’t get out soon.

It’s been wonderful nannying this child, Mitsy, as I’ve referred to him in past posts. He is trendier and cooler than anyone I’ve ever met in my life. He is the only kid I’ve ever downloaded music to impress (he introduced me to Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know.”) And he prompted me to call a tank top I found in my closet while getting ready for my nannying day a “game-changer.” Looking back it’s hard to remember if I was hoping he’d love the tank top or if it truly was a game-changer; a top that would alter my outlook on the nannying wardrobe forever. I was confused as his mother more times than not, which I think was only because we had the same haircut and both wore skinny jeans but I dunno, I don’t know how DNA works. He is the sweetest little kid in the world and I’m sure when he does something big and important with his life he will thank me in his acceptance speech just like Quvenzhané Wallis from “Beasts of a Southern Wild” did with her nanny.

So what does this mean for me? It means no longer sitting at the park and deciding, based on looks and attitude alone, which 4-year-olds are going to grow up to be sluts, jocks and nerds in high school. It means the indentation on my car’s backseat from constant pressure of a securely attached carseat can resurface to an even level. And it means not being demanded to look into someone’s eyes as they poop. Yeah. Like I said, big changes.

But really this means that I will be actively supporting my writing in a new way. I’m getting my personal training certification! For those of you who didn’t know, I was an all around athlete in high school. And by that I would say I was a mid-level basketball player who played with the enthusiasm and swagger (chest bumps in the middle of games) of an Olympic gold medal athlete. So athleticism, fitness and all around health have always been an important part of my life (except my freshman year of college when I apparently decided it didn’t count as gaining weight if I could still make out my jawline when tilting my head back at unnatural angles.)  

I’m really excited about the new change and to see what this world of fitness holds for me. This will bring so many new people and experiences into my life and therefore into this blog and therefore into all of your lives, which I am sure you then share with everyone you meet, which in return will lead to my eventual superstardom.

But right now I can’t even focus on all the new things that will be brought into my life because I can’t stop thinking of the return of one: I can finally swear again on a normal, uncensored basis and I could not be happier. Cuz god dammit. I’ve missed the shit out of swearing.

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